Flocculent Chemicals DWA-01

Using Flocculent regularly and correctly can effectively clog up the floating silt particle in the water and turn it into sludge for easy removal by the sludge conveyor. To achieve better tire washing and water recycling performance, please follow the below sludge removing and dosing procedures:

(A) Daily Operation Procedures

1. Select “Manual” Operation

2. Push “Conveyor On” to start the sludge conveying 3-5 minutes in order to remove the settled sludge at the bottom of the reservoir. In heavy traffic and muddy environment, a longer sludge conveying time should be allowed and repeat this procedure more times per day.

3. Push “Conveyor Off” to stop the conveyor.

4. Select “Automatic” to allow the tire washer works automatically.

(B) Dosing Procedures

1. Fill the flocculent into the cup up to the red mark.

2. Evenly pour the flocculent to the tire washer reservoir.

3. One cup per day. In servere condition, add two.

Beware, Precaution should be taken to prevent inhalation, ingestion or contact with the skin or eyes.

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