The combination of ergonomic, robustness, high quality and efficiency are the top characteristics of these machines. Simple operating and high quality components ensure a long life. The use of the high quality filter system grants the full dust control. The wide range of industrial sweeper, with all possible drive systems, is able to offer the right machine for each requested need.

Feature benefit :
– Large hopper
– High power
– Outstanding sweeping result
– Very performing suction system

The Dulevo filtering system also :
– To allow a huge suction
– To be very difficult to clog
– To be very easy to clean
– To be very long lasting

Model Specification
Model Sweeping 
path min.
path max.
Waste hopper 

Filtering surface

Dulevo 75 700mm 1200mm 7200sqm/h 85Lt. 4sqm
  • Battery
  • Petrol
Dulevo 90 900mm 1500mm 1400sqm/h 340Lt. 6sqm
  • Battery
  • Petrol/Lpg
  • Diesel
Dulevo 100 1000mm 2000mm 18000sqm/h 400Lt. 7.5sqm
  • Battery
  • Lpg
  • Diesel
Dulevo 120 1200mm 2050mm 21000sqm/h 450Lt. 10sqm
  • Battery
  • Lpg
  • Diesel
Dulevo 1100 750mm 1440mm 10100sqm/h 220Lt. 6sqm
  • Battery
  • Lpg
  • Diesel
Dulevo 1300 900mm 1500mm 12000sqm/h 340Lt.  6sqm
  • Battery
  • Diesel


  • Direct throw sweeping system for outstanding cleaning result even in demanding working conditions
  • Heavy duty steel chassis.
  • Water cooled engines to withstand hot climates and long working shifts.
  • Power steering for easy and pleasant use.
  • Hopper garbage compacting system to increase hopper capacity.
  • Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function.
  • No electronics on board.
  • SBS. System: the constant pressure system (patent).
  • Brushes automatically lifts up whenever the sweeper is turned off.
  • No belts turbine drive requires no maintenance.
  • No tools needed to change main broom.
  • Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning.
  • Powerful filter shaker.
  • Hopper manual opening hatch to load large debris.
  • Side brushes suction.
  • Quick battery pack change.